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Rianna Steelfeather smiled as she entered The Seventh Star. It had been a long time since she had been in Gondor. A long time to Rianna, at least.

She walked in, standing just at 5'3 and trailing just a bit of mud that had clung to her boots. She searched for a place to sit and rest for a time. She found a chair near the blazing warm fire, and sat down, warming her cold hands.

No one around her stared in the slightest, for it seemed to be the night for strange travellers. The young human female's travelling clothes were comfortable and worn. The only token that would cause one to guess where Rianna had hailed from was a small patch on her cloak, depicting two crossed axes and a hammer at the bottom.

Rianna's loose, dark brown curls fell to her shoulders after she took her cloak off. Her tan skin glowed in the firelight. She gazed around The Seventh Star, smiling as people told tales, made friends, laughed together, and drank to their heart's content. She wondered what story she would tell if the chance arose.

(BTW, welcome to the 'Downs, Errand-Rider Karigan [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]!)

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