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The Inn smelled wonderful as she opened the door and strode in. The scent of oranges and spices tickled at her nose and lifted her spirit. It had been a long trip back from the Shire and the homey comforts of the Green Dragon, and she wished now only to sit at ease before the great fireplace and see old friends.

Her eyes adjusted to the low light in the room. There was her old friend, Bethberry, sitting at the fireside with Bird and Gamba. She must have just returned from study at the Houses of Healing. Her face bore new lines of sadness and fatigue. 'Hard lessons, those must have been.' she thought as she studied the woman's face in the firelight. 'Though, ones worthy of being learned.' she mused, noting the deeper radiance which had settled about the figure of her friend.

The Elf shrugged off her cloak, hanging it on a peg near the door, and asked a passing server to bring mulled wine and four cups to the trio by the fire. Chafing her arms, cold from the brisk air of the outside, she went to join them . . .
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