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Sador's easy and relaxed attendance on Aldarion's answers was, as so often, a disingenuous attitude, belying the frustration he really felt as he took them in.

Surely this (fairly) renowned player and writer could intuit that Sador had no real interest in the mechanistic side of the fair Asta's accomplishments? That he was merely enquiring, in as polite a manner as he could, whether or not there was any substantial attraction between this fine-featured hero of the stage and his relatively delicate looking colleague? Whether there were or not, it would seriously affect Sador's calculations, and quite soon he would have to call it either way. Aldarion's strait-laced, strictly artistic reply told him very little, for this player could be either concealing genuine and deeply-held feelings, or by his indifferent, cold answer inadvertently revealing, by omission, that Asta left him wholly unmoved. The only way to research this further within the bounds of good conduct would be to show that sort of interest in Asta himself, and that, he was sure, would involve its own problems.

But all he said was, "Ah, Aldarion, the Swan Players! Much have I grieved never to have seen them, though in our well beloved Amlach's accounts they live fresh and stark as the brightest of morns. You must, please, tell me much of them in the coming days...unless to recall such times bores or troubles you, of course..."

It was at this point that Branor made his peculiar, stulted entrance to their assembly. Curiously unresponsive, the lead actor fitted neither the positive nor the negative aspects of Aldarion's assessment; howbeit he had theatrical troubles on his mind, like the rest of the company. And if this Branor had drunk so heavily in the presence of the main guest from Eriador, Consul Samwise, Sador found himself thinking reluctantly, perhaps his father had been right to take some action, though it was still imprudent to punish Amdir merely because he was the easiest culprit to reach...

Still, it was as best to remain pleasant, and the dullard's information was at least consistent, and amusing. "Quite a damsel, this Asta," Sador persisted. "It seems her very glances and speeches leave turmoil in this company's wake...let us hope they are as impressive to the audience!"
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