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"I will certainly do the best of my abilities. Where to begin?" Wonderful. This meant Branor was going to start re-enacting the whole scene, complete with dramatic gestures, different voices, and probably props.

"The drama of the day, capped off by Therian being cross with me, which I still can not figure out, was too much for me, so I went into the common room for relaxing Branor time." Brinn could not stop her eyes from rolling, because even if Branor was trying to cover up, she knew this meant he was planning to get drunk again. It did not matter though, as Branor was now really getting into the re-enactment and started jumping to different spots, signalling he was playing different people.

'Aldarion asks "Something troubling you, Branor?"'
What was truly bothering me was Therian running off, but I tell him "Coldan and Asta, because Coldan is unhappy with your script, especially Asta's role as Mary the Elf."
Aldarion objects with great indignation, his honor has been questioned. Why of all people would that idiot-boy Coldan lay it at my feet? Can he be that thick!!!!?"'

'Coldan overhears and is furious. He demands an explanation. Enter the young man Sador. He makes a desperate plea for the two actors to let their cooler heads prevail. "Think of your art, think of your characters. Think of the Fellowship!"
But Coldan is furious, he doesn't give a mumak's waste about the play right now. Asta and Aldarion have wounded him. "You mind your own business!"
This is when I feel it is my duty to intervene. The brave Sador can make passionate appeals to your emotions, but he did not know the two actors like I did. He did not know they needed to hear the hard truths.'

Now was the time for Branor's monologue of his performance for Brinn. It was time to look granduer and kingly! "You are making all of this trouble because you, Coldan, fancy the Lady Asta? And you, Aldarion, have had your pride wounded? Coldan, fighting Aldarion is not going to make Asta fancy you. Aldarion, knocking out Coldan is not going to fix the script and prove your undoubted writing talents. If both of you insist your honors have been questioned, than take it outside my City's walls. For if you come back this matter better be resolved, or I will see to it you are both gone. Mistress Celebrindal started this troupe without either of you, we can get by without either of you."
'And thus, knowing my swift judgement settled the dispute, I exit.'

Branor could not tell if his dramatic rendition amused Brinn, but sifting out Branor's obvious showmanship she at least got the facts, whether she knew it yet or not. "Ok. Thanks Branor."

"No, it is I whom bows to you." he knealt on one knee.

"It is not necessary to be in character anymore. Really."

"Right." he cleared his throat, hardly believing he could be this embarassing in front of a lady, especially. Why must she have a pretty face? "That was to the best of my ability. My advice is I liked it better when there weren't so many egos in our small, but lovely, band of performers. The performance is a joke to everyone, they only care about their power, their position, and how to acquire more of it. Sometimes, I think it is a joke, even to you. Do you want this to be the best performance you have ever put on?'

It was rhetorical, and Brinn was not going to bother to respond, but Branor briefly paused to make sure Brinn knew he was being sincere. "Then you have to start making the best use of the talent available. Therian's is going to waste, because you are sticking him in a role he hates. All for what, your amusement? Teaching the boy a lesson? You are wasting talent and not teaching him anything, other than to be miserable and bitter towards you. I am trying to say, you may not agree with my tact and methods, but we have a long history together, one you can always rely on. And I hope it is still enough for you to trust me. I have probably said to much now. I will retire."

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