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Brinn thanked her old friend for his advice, but did not say anything more. Now was the time to weigh things over, and think before doing. But she'd make sure, whenever she did come to a decision, to let Branor know. First, though, she'd have to hear from Aldarion and Coldan--and Asta, too, by the sounds of it. Ugh, how she hated spats, especially at a time like this.

"It's not a joke, Branor," she said finally. Seemed wrong not to respond to him after he truly had performed to the best of his ability--though, really, he was hardly one to talk about egos! "But it is an entertainment, and was never meant to be anything more. I don't do this because it's art, or because the King wants it, or because we need to advance ourselves. I do it because it makes people happy--not the lords and ladies, but the people like us, like the ones from back--" well, home wasn't quite the right word anymore "--in Dale. And if it stops making people happy..." because nobody here is happy "...well, I guess charity begins at home, doesn't it? Thank you for your words, Branor. It sounds as if there are some disputes in need of resolving, and not just on the short term, if we can manage it. You've already alerted me to one, so thank you for that. But I'll deal with tonight's problems first. If you see any of those involved, please--politely--ask them to speak to me, and make sure they know I'll be kind about it. Good night."

Branor left, and Brinn was left to muse on his advice about Therian.
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