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Ginna let out a gasp of breath she did not realise she had been holding, which she hoped went unnoticed amidst the tinkling sound of metal shards hitting against each other as Harreld searched through them. It took a bit of effort to keep herself from breaking into tears when the smith had shouted. She knew she was in a precarious position here, daring to speak to the smith after everything that had transpired between them, and the thought of Harreld - always so gentle despite his appearance - yelling at her was more than she could bear.

Thankfully she had been mistaken, or so Harreld claimed. But it seemed that if she really desired to make herself an amenable company to him, she would have to keep her tongue in check when she's with him. He liked the quiet of Scarburg, he said. No matter, she could always enjoy a good chat with Kara and Frodides, as well as Modtryth and Loern, whenever she desired. There was no need to repress the woman's need to talk completely. It was just that...she thought he enjoyed hearing her speak. Perhaps all that time back in the old Mead Hall, he had simply been patient with her, but in truth every moment spent with her had been trying to him? Was that what had damaged their friendship?

She wanted to be silent altogether, if that was the way he worked best. She could not keep herself from asking one last thing, however.

"Is that why you left Edoras, then, even if you knew you would for some time be working in crude conditions here?" she asked, her voice nearly a whisper. Because I thought you will be choosing Garreth over me, especially after what I did, she added to herself.

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