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Okay at long last I have made up my mind about the footnote concerning the additional dwarves add by Ilśvatar. I think they are needed. Therefore I propose the following:
DE-EX-07{Then Aulė took the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves, and laid them to rest in far-sundered places; and he returned to Valinor, and waited while the long years lengthened.} <Concerning the Dwarves; passage (e) Then Aulė took the Seven Dwarves and laid them to rest under stone in far-sundered places, and beside each he laid his mate, save only beside the Eldest, and he lay alone.DE-EX-07.1 <Of Dwarves and Men, HoME 12, Note 24 {and at the head of the page he suggested that the legend of the Making of the Dwarves should be altered (indeed very radically altered) to a form in which <Concerning the Dwarves; passage (a) But it is said that to each Dwarf Ilśvatar added {a mate of female kind,}>other Dwarves {were}that he laid to sleep near to the Fathers.> And Aule returned to Valinor and waited long as best he might. But it is not known when Durin or his brethren first awoke, though some think that it was at the time of the departure of the Eldar over sea.>
The only other open question that I can see in this thread is about how we handle Of Dwarves and Men. I for my part can’t see how we could use the full essay in one place. The most essential parts are what we used here and the passage about the Longbeards and the Northmen in the second age and that about the Drūg. The information of the awakening places of the Dwarves could be told in retrospect, but I don’t see that we could bring the complete essay anywhere near to LotR, where the Drūg part would be helpful as in introduction for the people of the Gāhn-buri-Gāhn. The Alliance of the Longbeards and the Northmen from an essential part of the story in the early Second Age. But in that place we can not use the entire essay either. So for me it is clear that we have to split it and use the parts where they belong chronologically as good as possible.

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