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A few quick comments for now.

Originally Posted by Findegil
DE-SC-01 / AD-01: we added both these opening back in, but you toke up a bit too much. In your Version ‘It is told that in their beginning the Dwarves were made by Aule in the darkness of Middle-earth; for so greatly did Aule desire the coming of the Children, to have learners to whom he could teach his lore and his crafts, that he was unwilling to await the fulfilment of the designs of Iluvatar.’ is redundant.
My goodness, what an oversight! You are right, I included that sentence twice in a row.

AD-02 to AD-05: I was not so clear about this changes. Was it really all instances that Tolkien changed? If you think so, we can take these changes up into our common version.
Discussing the text "Of Aule and the Dwarves", Christopher Tolkien says:

There are a number of insignificant editorial alterations in the published text, and among them one point should be mentioned: my father was uncertain whether to use 'thou' or 'you' in the converse of AulŰ with Il˙vatar (in one case he changed 'you may' to 'thou mayst' and then reverted to 'you may'). In the end he decided on 'you', whereas the published text has 'thou' throughout.
So yes, it appears that Tolkien's decision was to use "you" throughout this dialogue, despite the fact that Christopher for some reason opted for "thou" in the '77.

AD-06: The change reporte here is done in Sil77. Therefore I did not mention it.
That's fair.

AD-09: I did not take up this reference to Pengolod, but we might consider it. BY the way was {Pengolod}[Thingˇdhel] a decision taken by the project? I can’t remember.
It seems that in the time since I wrote this draft, we changed our mind about this - based on 'Eldarin Hands, Fingers, and Numerals', we decided to go back to Pengolo­/Pengolodh (see here).

Sub-title: Aiwendil used the English title first and the Elvish second, while I did it the other way around. Since both were written of difrent amanuensis typescripts, we are completly free to chose, or was an other idea beyond your choice, Aiwendil?
I don't think I had any reasoning behind this; just arbitrary choice.

The other points require me to look at things a bit more carefully, so I'll do that when I get the chance.

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