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December 23: Erebemlin

Erebemlin, as requested, did not watch over Amroth’s sleep during the night, instead he watched him from a short distance in hopes the king would dream of the lady once more. If this happened, the elf might be able to gather more clues of her whereabouts. Amroth, however, slept without showing any signs of troubling dreams.

The night wore to morning and the wind picked up chilling the campers to the core. The elves worked diligently to keep the fire blazing as a source of comfort, but it helped little as the wind whipped through their blankets and whistled in their ears. Their breakfast was bleak and cold, and they talked of finding real meat for their dinner. Soon the campers repacked their horses and were ready to ride. Erebemlin brought forth a flask of miruvor and insisted each of the travelers take a mouthful to warm their bodies and spirits for the journey ahead.

Erebemlin rode silently beside Taitheneb for most of the morning. The younger elf sang softly of the warmer seasons, and the elder let the song comfort his mind as he kept his eyes moving along the river’s shores.

After several miles, Erebemlin rode forward to accompany Amroth. The two nodded a silent greeting.

“Erebemlin…” Amroth began hesitantly. “Yesterday, I asked something of you, and I do not believe you obeyed me.”

Erebemlin was visibly taken aback. “My lord?”

“I asked you to take your hold from my sleep, mellon, but I slept as though you were still watching over them.” Erebemlin opened his mouth to protest, but Amroth continued. “I understand you want me to have restful sleep, but if my dreams are the way to find her…you must let me dream.” Amroth turned from the river and met Erebemlin’s injured expression.

“I am sorry, my lord, but I did not watch over your sleep…” The ellon paused momentarily. “I have watched over you for many nights now. It is possible the blanket I laid over your dreams lingers.”

Amroth considered this and then nodded. “Please accept my apology, mellon. I should have trusted your faithfulness and obedience. Forgive me.”

“Of course, my lord.”

The company continued their ride down along the river, taking small breaks periodically for food and stretching. Once nightfall came they stopped and made a small camp.

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