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Bella had smiled politely when Nethwador had joined them around the fire. She did not quite know how she really felt about Nethwador, and if she had any fleeting opinions they all conflicted and contradicted one another. Argeleafa smiled weakly, a timid look about her as the dark-skinned boy took a seat between Liornung and Bella. Liornung did his best to include everyone in his conversation, and through his warm tone of voice he also made certain not to exclude Nethwador.

Looking over at Nethwador quietly and calmly, Bella considered how he had transformed since they had met. The Gondorian lady remembered how Nethwador, then called 'Pig', had so violently greeted the companions of Amroth. Ferocity shone in his eyes and desperation colored his cheeks. Keeping this image and first impression in her mind Bella examined Nethwador again. He had also been called Mellon, and now Nethwador, and his features had taken on a glow that was much softer than it had once been. His smile sang of childhood and his eyes seemed willing to learn about the people around him.

"Argeleafa," Bella beckoned, just as Liornung called to Ędegard. The Rohirric girl looked up from her blank stare and met Bellyn's gaze, nodding slowly. "I wish to know how you feel...I have not spoken to you much since our meeting...what do you think of our company? On this journey I sometimes feel like I am no help to wherever Amroth goes. Do you think that each of us will play some part? Perhaps we are only on this journey to learn something for ourselves. If so, I am rather anxious and ready to know what it is! What say you?"

As Bella waited for an answer, she smiled kindly to Nethwador next to her and then sent the smile over to Argeleafa as the young woman contemplated an answer.
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