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Ravion's Ramblers: Ravion

Ravion kept a wary eye on his surroundings as they put as much distance between themselves and the elf as possible. Every noise made him jump, from small creatures around them to Gwyllion's chatter from the back of the group. His knuckles were white from the tight hold he had on Gond's lead.

His ankle still throbbed occasionally from the memory of the beast's tentacle, and a chill would pass over him briefly. He knew the same must be happening to Aeron, Gwyllion, and Mellonin, and that Raefindan would be going through something similar. The previous night had been an ordeal.

Perhaps he was leading them poorly. He rubbed his temples when the thought came to him. Why had he allowed Mellonin and Gwyllion to stay there, by the water? He should have sensed that there was something in the water. Why had he not come back faster with Raefindan? Why had he allowed Gond to bolt with Raefindan in the first place? Why had he--

Gond snorted, bringing Ravion back to reality. He looked back, and his companions were all still wrapped up in conversation. His companions. He was supposed to be leading them. Could he still do it?

He was not sure.
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