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From Child's and Kath's posting one gets the impression that these people live in houses but Lalaith talks of Embla's tent where Khandr visits. So tents or houses? Khandr seems to be an important man enough that he could have been shown a built lodging or a luxury-tent for his temporary visit - which could include a desk as Child describes the place. But how about we three (Fordim, Kath & myself)? If we belong to the same party, shouldn't we at least live around?
Good points, Nogrod. I definitely envisioned my envoy staying in some kind of a solid building, whether a house or set of rooms, but can edit if needed to put him in a "luxury tent". I also agree that the hunters would likely be in tents.

Can I assume that Khandr would know the other hunters? (I think that would be good.) Perhaps Khandr can invite the hunters to a dinner party at some point in the story, and we can gossip about how difficult the Ulfangs have become of late!
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