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According to the references, the Dwarves from Balin's expedition are living in the Twenty-first Hall.

From the Thain's Book:

In 2989, Balin led an expedition to Moria with a number of Dwarves from the Lonely Mountain, including Floi, Frar, Loni, Nali, Oin, and Ori. When they arrived in the Dimrill Dale, Balin and the Dwarves found Orcs guarding the Dimrill Gate. Floi was killed, but the Dwarves slew many Orcs and took up residence in the Twenty-first Hall. Ori began to keep a record of the colony called the Book of Mazarbul.

Balin set up his seat in the Chamber of Mazarbul and was named Lord of Moria. The Dwarves found mithril in Moria but their colony lasted only five years. On November 10, 2994, Balin went into Dimrill Dale to look into Mirrormere and was shot and killed by an Orc. He was entombed in the Chamber of Mazarbul.

-- For more of the geography/layout of Khazad-dum/Moria see HERE


More about the location of the Twenty-first Hall in relation to the Chamber of Mazarbul:

The Chamber of Mazarbulwas located on the Seventh Level of Khazad-dum, six levels above the East-gate. It was north of the Twenty-first Hall on the right-hand or east side of the corridor. The main entrance from the corridor was a stone door on hinges.

The Chamber of Mazarbul was a large square room. There was a window shaft high in the eastern wall and below it was a second door leading to a downward staircase. Records were kept in wooden iron-bound chests that were set in recesses in the walls.

-- Full Reference - HERE


This is a good reference site for game-players about the layout of Khazad-dum based on quotes from The Lord of the Rings - HERE (see the entries on the Twenty-first Hall and the Chamber of Mazarbul, especially).
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