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"Óin, Frar, you go with Vigdis get the colony up we move immediately!"

Trór's words echoed in Vigdis' head when the three hurried to the great hall.

"How are we supposed to get the place evacuated if that's all he gave us for orders?" she said, more to herself than to the others.
"There is a plan," Óin said. "It was devised years ago in Balin's council."
"There is the big bell in the hall. You go and ring it three times so that people know to gather to the hall," Frár growled.
"Yes, sir," Vigdis said, a slight edge of sarcasm creeping to her voice. She obeyed nevertheless.

The deep and clear voice of the bell rang in the high halls. Dwarves began to appear and within quarter an hour there were already hundreds of Dwarves assembled in the great hall. Vigdis couldn't help admiring the efficiency of her own people. She went stand beside a frightened-looking family, and gave the mother a tight-lipped smile. They listened to what Frár and Óin had to say.

"People of Dwarrowdelf!" Frár bellowed. "We bring tidings from our Lord Trór. We are moving. It won't be permanent, but we need to leave this place."

A wave of whispered comments and a few protesting shouts ran in the air. Then Óin continued:

"We are moving to the Hall of Hundred Pillars and the surrounding guardrooms. Our troops will stay here, guard the gates and follow the situation until we get more information about the movement of the Orcs and are sure there are no raiding parties around.

You have three hours to pack, then we have to be moving. You may only take what you can carry for yourself, and everybody is too carry three weeks' food provisions for himself. Take first what is necessary, and only if you can carry more, you may take some of your treasures."

More protesting and murmuring.

"Silence!" Frár shouted. "You will get the provisions from the kitchen from Mistress Thordis. All the cooks are requested to sign up to her there, they will be needed for assistance.

Professional soldiers are to sign up to me at the training grounds, and seasoned warriors with no professional training to commander Brambor at the armoury. Both will be needed.

Three hours from now, the bell will be ringing again. You are supposed to come here with your belongings and food provisions then and Lord Trór will speak to you. Then we will go. If you have some questions, there will be always some member of the Lord's council in this room, for now, Master Óin here.

Go now. You have three hours."

Vigdis shook her head. They had said no word about Durin's bane, maybe to avoid panic. But she was afraid it was a mistake not to warn the people...
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