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#you look through your desktop calender and write a quote matching the picture in your diary everyday!#

#you lie in bed at night planning scenarios/future posts for RPGs or trying to get the tricky quiz question#

#the day before your mock exams start you sit in front of your computer with a growing realisation that, yes, you really ARE addicted to the BD!#

#you know that the day before your actual exam you will still be checking whats going on, even though you know you need the grades to get to uni. why can't they do lotr studies, thats what i want to know?#
Have you been spying on me or something? [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img] I do all of those!
1.Your math notebook consists to one quarter of unfinished problems, the rest is new sigs you want to try, unfinished characters for RPGs, "Barrow-Downs rock" in elvish etc, etc

2. You spent time wondering what would happen if you would recognize a BDer if she/he came to your school as a new kid/teacher

3. You annoy your friends youīre actually InstantMessaning with by saying "Wait a sec, I have to finish an RPGpost" or "Do you know who said _______"

4. You lie on your bed, mortally depressed because you canīt find a picture nice enough to send on the MemberPics page

5. You care more about a good rpg post then a good grade

6. Getting a higher member status is one of your natrual highs

7. One of your new-years resoloutions is "Yet a QQ answer before Beren87 does", and another is "Stop making spam posts"

8. You rename your computer into "Barrow-Wight 2", but go back to "goddamn-crap-thing" because one canīt be mad at the BW

9. You make your friends register here, and then continue pestering them untill they jump in an RPG (right, Sindae?)

10. When people REALLY annoy you, you call them "stupid, chat-language using, Orlando-swooning newbie"!, and collect odd looks
You've just spent at least fifteen minutes discussing with your friend over instant messaging how like you all this is, copying and pasting each point which is relevant to you. At first they fully agree but when you go back and read the conversation you realise they got bored and you've actually been talking to yourself for the past ten minutes.
Yep.... just it was much more than 15 minutes. [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]
1. Your BD nickname is printed on the back of your favorite sweatshirt.

2. You constantly beg your best friend who likes Tolkien to join the BD.

3. You spend hours searching for the perfect avatar.

4. When you read about a name or place from The Silmarillion, you automatically think of someone from the BD.

5. No one ever calls you anymore because you are constantly online.

6. Your Tolkien books are torn and abused from constant use.

7. You're never completely satisfied until you have been on the BD for at least once each day.

8. You hardly ever go outside anymore. What's the point?

9. You begin to dream about being on the BD in your sleep.

10. Your favorite quotes come from the sigs of other members on the BD.
I swear, I've done every one of those, except print GaladrieloftheOlden on a come i've never thought of that?
and I always check BD before homework! I am obsessed...
Certainly! Me too! I actually go on the BDs during homework...*grins guiltily* I have dreams about Tolkien related stuff about every other night, and about one third of them have to do with either someting I read on the BDs or people on the BDs or *shudders* the haunted black screen... [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]
Being that I don't have a spouse or kids and I'm not Christian, some of them didn't apply to me.
Me too...maybe that's why it's not 1000% yet...hmmm... [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
* You find yourself saying, "That reminds me of when Aragorn_Isildur on the Chat said..." or "You know (fill in Barrow-Downs member)? Well, I saw his pic, and he's really hot..." more than you find yourself making real-world conversation.
* You have actually convinced at least one of your friends that was previously not a huge Tolkien fan to come to the Chat or Forum.

* You begin accidentally answering your friends in what Elvish you know.

* You begin taking notes in the language you came up for your fanfic about some races of Maia not discussed by Tolkien (you make up the races, of course, but you have a way to fit them in).

* You have two languages that you've made up that you do that in.

* You begin carrying your Lord of the Rings characters to fantasies about living other stories.

* You argue that "The Silmarillion" is a history of sorts when you begin trying to explain the entirety of the book in history class.

* You start yelling at anything fantasy-related that you read or see that has anything remotely connected to Lord of the Rings (Harry Potter has a character named Wormtail...coincidence? I think not! Couldn't come up with an original idea, could she? Nooooo...had to steal...).

* Before you speak to your friends, they now say, "We know, we know: In Lord of the Rings..."

* You have spent an entire 55 minutes giving an ad-libbed speech to your friend about how the fact that he hasn't read Lord of the Rings nor seen any of the movies will seriously affect his life.

* Whenever you Improv in Theatre Club, you think of a character from Lord of the Rings and take it from there, creating a modern version of the character.

* You begin to laugh hysterically in the middle of class just remembering some of the threads on the Middle-Earth Mayhem board and some of Lush's threads.

* You compare anything to a thread in here, even if the thread was not really Tolkien-related (The "How Many Barrow-Downers Does It Take to Screw In A Lightbulb?" thread gets brought up a lot, as my friend has a similar thing in her locker that a group of her friends wrote about their camp).

* You've converted at least 9 people (two of which are your mother and father) to Tolkien fans.

* Not only that: you have your mom now bringing up obscure Tolkien references when she hasn't even read anything other than Lord of the Rings because you talk about the other books so much.

* Your dad mentions when you haven't talked about Lord of the Rings for more than 20 minutes.

* You rant about how they ruined Arwen anytime anyone even says the name "Arwen" now.

* You spend time writing ways you know you're addicted to the Barrow-Downs and/or actually fall into all these categories.

* Your aspiration in life is to be as Elf-like as possible, as people always tell you that you would make a perfect Galadriel.

* You see any movie with anyone from the Cast of Lord of the Rings, just to see their acting style in other movies.

* You name anything you have to name with names in Sindarin, Quenya or Westron.

* Friends actually approach you for name recommendations, asking you to translate.

* People seem to assume that, because you are so into Elves, you will actually meet one of the actors that played one of the Elves one day and will really marry them (some of my friends are planning my wedding with Orlando Bloom, others with Craig Parker, and actually some with Sean Bean...although: judging that they are all at least 10 years older than I am...)

* Your teachers all know how much you are addicted to Tolkien and fear you for it.

* You think that they should have Tolkien Language Studies at your school, even though they are, after all, made-up languages.

* You run out of ideas, but keep mentioning anything that you've ever done or keeps happening to you that is related to Tolkien, in the hopes that, if you keep typing, you'll think of something really good...*sigh* oh well, no such luck...
All of them except 3 or 4! Go me! [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]
When writing essays for English, you accidently place smilies in your paragraphs.
Yeah. I'm not the only one?...
"Glue... very powerful stuff."
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