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1420! By Gorlim!

^ Daga, you really posted it!

Enedwaith, while waiting from a text message from someone, I confused my alter-ego into thinking I'm going into deep sleep stage. So I got my light sleep, and its attendant dream.

In the dream I was in front of the computer, rummaging through some threads, and I saw that Kath had changed her sig:

I will be away for another week. Be back at 29th August.
I was shocked! Then I realised it was time for my first class. So left the computer centre. Not a few steps away from the building I bumped into . . .


My brain froze!

You have a brain?!

Shut up.

Oh, right. That's what happened. Adam spoke for me:

"I thought your government said, 'Enter the Philippines at your own risk'?"

She smiled in a weird way, and replied, "I'm a Ranger, remember?" Then she slashes some werewolf's head off.

My phone beeped. Four in the morning. My dream ended.

NOTE: Contrary to the abovementioned, there are no werewolves in the Philippines. We do, however, have a weird version of the centaur--it has the upper body of a horse and the lower body of a human. I don't what that has to do with anything. I should stop now.
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