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Originally Posted by Oddwen
Alright...last night I dreamed I went to work (BK), and I punched in, and my manager Mary was showing me the schedule, but right next to it this new topic on the BD's opened up. I can't remember what it was called, but I remember the third post was by this unregistered user named something like "unbalthawen".

Two posts later, the user had registered, and was saying something like "The Only Real Estel and Oddwen are the rockingest people on the planet and I only like them, but Oddwen, I've been to Holland and I don't think I should associate with you."

Then people I didn't recognize started joining in and saying how awesome I was and how much they adored me. (Malkatoj may have been one of these.)
Sweet. We are so the "rockingest" people ever!
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