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Recently I have dreamt about Fea, Encai and LMP.

Firstly, I dreamt that I was cycling with somebody or other down a hill. Fea was on the pavement with her three (for some reason) brothers and a small grizzly dog downhill from us and coming up towards us. We decided for some reason to swerve around Fea by going on the road - perhaps because she had a dog (playing in a puddle) and I'm afraid of them. Perhaps I was avoiding her for some reason.

Then I dreamt of Encai in the same night. She was in England and wandering about, so I said she could come and stay with me. Unfortunately, I didn't plan this with my parents. She declined, but I checked out my garage to see if she could stay there anyway just in case she changed her mind.

Then I dreamt of Fea again. We were cycling together and we followed some Asian (in the British sense) guy to a shop selling Indian/Pakistani goods. I can't remember much else, except that she knew the guy and went off somewhere with him to discuss something or maybe get some rare ingredient. Meanwhile, I was left alone with my bike in the shop.

I have a vague recollection of Fea being my cycling partner in the first dream, but this doesn't make sense, as it was definitely her that we swerved around. Perhaps this is Pro-active interference.

I don't remember my LMP dream, but I think he was dressed as the Anakronist.
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