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Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
I began with this lovely sentence:

"The annual Wizard's Olympics got off to a flying start with Gandalf taking Gold in the Hobbit Toss."

To which Preciousss replied with

Which Rikae thought looked like:

Gandalf the Mauve competes in the hobbit-tossing event at the Pastel Wizard Olympics, while extra hobbit parts wait in a nearby sandbox

Lommy put a bit more colour into the equation

Spawn took up the challenge and poetically stated:

In the noble game of hobbit flinging,
Saruman of Many Colours is doing his thing
While the hobbit flies in great turmoil,
his friend is soaking in a pool of oil

The Ka did a little dance to entertain a tortoise, and then she drew this wonder:

Nimrodel_9 took up the pen (read: keyboard) and said:

Saruman of Many Colors decided to take up cooking and since the only people around to cook for were orcs, he had to have special dishes on his menu such as Frodo-and-Samcakes.

Volo needed a pencil… or possibly a pen… anyway… this is what we got…

The Might brought some Downers into the equation

A crazy looking Davem dressed up in wizard robes has a cook book in one hand and with the other he is pointing Saruman's staff at the Saucepanman who suddently seems to have a brilliant idea.
Next to the Saucepanman there's a table with a piece of cheese and Frodo's head on top. Next to two very stylishly dressed up Uruk-hai with forks and Orc swords in their hands are preparing to have dinner.

Legate of Amon Lanc’s paintbrush was filled with gold. So he got a new one and drew this:

To finish off, Lord Melkor said:

A deranged Frodo wearing his favourite 'Çommand and Conquer' shirt receives electroshock therapy from a very hiply dressed Sam, while two young orc cooks, dressed for an afterwork hip-hop and discoparty, prepare Frodo's dinner using Swiss cheese and Lotho Sackville-Baggins' severed head.
I think that if you want facts, then The Downer Newspaper is probably the place to go. I know! I read it once.
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