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It's me back again. I promise--no sharp and pointy objects. I'm cooking dinner, so the worst that could happen would be a few randomly tossed vegetables!

First, regarding the old games, I feel that's ancient history. For better or worse, it's behind us. I honestly don't think there was any ill will in the way games were placed, but that people's tempers were already frayed on all sides, and it was easy for things to be misunderstood. But, either way, it can't be changed. So the best thing to do is to go forward from here.

Thanks for the nice words about the Shire. I can honestly say it's been a lot of work and a lot of fun. But I did want to ask you about this:

But the moderators are in danger of becoming this big, omnipotent power who is unconnected.
It's funny, but I don't feel that way. I guess first I would say I feel very "connected" with the people who game in the Shire. Some of them I've come to know as friends. Others I don't really know that well, but I can see how their skills and writing improve and, to be truthful, that's something I think has real value, for the Downs and, more importantly, for the people themselves.

And most days, I myself don't feel very "big". What I do see is a big job that needs doing, and it can't be done by one or two mods or admins. It's essentially a job that every gamer shares, even in a beginning area like the Shire. Without good proposals and good seed ideas and good posts from everyone involved, we're all going to fall flat on our faces! I essentially see what I do as 'facilitating' (what a terrible word!) --making it possible for gamers to do what they do best in writing and coming up with ideas. We try to do this by making sure we have a sound structure and that there's someone available to give help when needed.

Yet, obviously, something is making you feel this way. If you could send a private message with specific examples and concerns to Pio or myself, or whoever else you're having trouble with, it might be very helpful. It's hard to respond constructively when your own concerns are framed in such a general manner.

My advice would be definitely not to erase your first comments, but follow them up in a private message with something more concrete we can look at and perhaps work on together. We may agree or disagree with what you're suggesting, but we won't know until you set your ideas down in more specific terms.

Cami, Shire Mod

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