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The Eye

I find that there has come a lot more control and structure into the RPG's with the new system and that was needed.

BUT (and this is where some people I have been talking to may be surprised or even disappointed) I can follow Aman's thoughts perfectly, because I've had some of them myself.

I am certain, no actually I KNOW that it's not meant to be that way, but the Gondor section seems....closed. A restricted area where you will only be let in at the mercy of someone in "the staff", meaning those who can actually start games in Gondor.

It is said, that if you think you have the skill level to play in Gondor, you should stop by "The Seventh Star" Inn. A couple of people told me I should try that (thank you for your trust guys, you know who you are!) and so I did.
You could almost see how everyone turned in their seats and looked in wonder and disbelief at such display of stupidity.
So I decided to just slip away as quietly as I came.
Guess that means I DON'T have the skill level, but what a way to find out...

Like I said before, this is how it SEEMS to be, from the outside. It looks like there is a hierarchy, with very few people in the top and then the rest of us at the bottom.
Maybe the appearance should be different?
If this is the way it looks to "old rats" like myself, then what does it look like to newer members?

I may have stepped on quite a few toes now so I will say this again. I KNOW that is not the way Gondor works (hopefully [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img] ) but that is the way it SEEMS.

If someone still wants to yell at me, please stand in line with all the others and wait for your turn or PM me. Due to a tight schedule I can't guarantee you will receive an answer! [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]
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