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I had another LotR related dream Saturday night!! Unfortunately, it wasn't as lovely as marrying Aragorn, or being in love with an incredibly handsome elf, like in my others. No, we couldn't have another nice dream, could we? It had to be one with her. I dreamed I was in Shelob's lair, only I didn't know what it was at the time. I think I was a hobbit, because I was really short. And there was somebody else in there, another hobbit in there who was following along behind me, only I don't remember who that was. I'm not sure if I was supposed to be Frodo, or some random hobbit, or what. Anyways, I was wandering through this cave type place down all the tunnels, and started seeing spider webs everywhere. Some where old cobwebs, but some were obviously newer, and looked like they were still in use by somebody. As I was creeping around, I got a strange feeling, and just knew there was a huge spider lurking around waiting for me. In the dream, I didn't realize it was Shelob, or know in advance there was a spider there or anything, and when I woke up, I didn't remember the dream at first. When I remembered about an hour later that morning, I knew it had been Shelob's lair that I had been in. It was really strange, because when I was in there in the dream, I didn't exactly know it was Shelob. I just had a feeling, probably from seeing all the spider webs, that there was a huge spider. I didn't know in advance or anything, just sensed it was there. Anyways, that's my latest LotR related dream!!
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