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ok, I had a really weird one Thursday night. It wasn't set in Middle-earth, and it didn't exactly have a LotR character in it, but it's definitely LotR related. Although its set in my neighborhood, and with different people, I'm sure it will sound familiar. ok, now for the dream:
I was in my house, and there were some other people here too. The rest of my family was gone somewhere, and my neighbors were all at a house way down at the other end of the street. All except for the mother, who stayed behind. She was a little strange, and everybody thought she was going a little crazy, but she seemed somewhat sane most of the time. Anyways, she came to my house, and decided she was going to set fire to it. She was about to, and I stopped her. Then, I was in my room, and somebody else was in another room of the house. I don't know who it was, but in the dream, I knew the person. So the woman was going to go set fire to the other person, and burn him to death, then set herself on fire. She set fire right outside my room to try to keep me from stopping her, then she ran to the other room. She had piled up a bunch of stuff and was going to put the other person on top of it and set fire to it, then set herself on fire. So, I ran out of the house, ran down the street, and found somebody that I knew could stop her and save the person. He ended up getting saved, but the woman burned herself to death.
So, now because of LotR, I dreamed about a pyromaniac who tried to burn someone alive, and ended up burning herself to death. And I took on the role Pippin took of doing everything possible to get the one person I thought could save the poor victim. I do have very strange dreams.
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