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Oh, stats? This looks like fun. I'll list mine too.

Seven games. An ordo four times, a wolf twice, and a hunter once. I have never been killed any earlier than Night 4 in any game. I've been on the losing side twice, and the winning side five times, but have only survived the game twice - once as a wolf, and once as an ordo.

1. XCVII: Werewolves in the Westfold.
Ordo. Killed by a wolf on Night 5. Wolf victory.

2. XCVIII: Death at the Foot of Taniquetil
Wolf. Lynched on Day 4. Village victory.

3. C - The Father Christmas Murders
Ordo. Survived! Village victory.

4. CI - Mutton yesterDay, mutton toDay and mutton toMorrow
Ordo (troll). Killed by a wizard on Night 7. Village victory.

5. CIII: Big Magic in Middle Earth Arcane Encampment
Hunter (Pact Mage). Killed on Night 4, and took down a wolf. Village victory.

6. CV: They Should Make a Movie About This!
Wolf (moviephile). Survived! Wolf victory.

7. CVI: Tol-in-Westeros
Ordo. Killed by a bear on Night 4. Village (and Lovers) victory.
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