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XLII: The Meaning of Life Forever
Cobbler, won. Got lynched on the last day. Voted for myself to seal it. Not bad for my first game on the site.

XLIII: Mist on the Barrow-Downs
Wolf, won. Survived until the end backing up Legate.

XLIV: In the House of Tom Bombadil
Villager, lost. Got lynched on day 2.

XLV: The Fellowship of Saruman
Villager, won. Survived to the end.

XLVII: Dueling Wizards II
Innocent, withdrew because of time constraints. Village won.

L: Battle of the Fandoms
Villager, lost. Lynched Day 5 as I proceeded to make myself look much more terrible than I should have. Macalaure played a hell of a solo game to pull of the wolf win.

LII: Star-Crossed II: Together in Eternity
One of the Lovers with Greenie. Lost when I got lynched. This game was nuts with the roles. Two pairs of lovers who are each out to kill, and who die if their pair dies? That's fairly standard. A seer-cobbler who dies if she dreams of her lover, the ranger-cobbler? A seer-ranger, and an ordinary ranger on top of it? That's absolutely crazy.

LIII: The Republic
Villager, lost. Got killed by the wolves Night 3.

LXI: Grimm Tales
Robber Bridegroom (read cobbler), won. Survived to the end and didn't even need to vote myself on the last day. My secondary goal was to kidnap three princesses. I got Greenie myself, and the other two were taken care for me. Victory on all fronts. Probably the most fun game I've played.

LXII: Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Innocent, lost. Got lynched Day 1. Some games are boring like that, and it's ok.

LXIII: The Cottage of Lost Play
Seer, first and only time. Fenris'd Fea, but was forced into revealing on Day 1 and was killed on Night 3. Lost the game on a coin flip, so in my head I call this one a draw.

LXVI: The Night Guard
Ranger, lost. I had no idea who to protect and spent the game blundering around, just to get played in the literal last minute to organize a bandwagon against a villager instead of a wolf.

LXIX: Meeting at the House of Usher
Wolf, won. Got lynched to provide cover for the rest of the pack.

XC: Lord of the Rings 2: The Quest for More Money
Villager, won. Got lynched Day 2.

LXXXVII: The Valley Forge
Villager, won. Survived to the end.

XCV: Meeting at the Town Cobbler
Villager, won. Killed by the wolves on Night one, which is what I want to happen as a villie.

C: The Father Christmas Murders
Lost as the Cobbler for the first time. I did get to say "I'm the Cobbler, wolves please don't kill me" on Day 1 and didn't get made, so I've got that going for me.

CI: Mutton yesterDay, mutton toDay, and mutton toMorrow.
Wolf, lost after a truly inspired Lottie hunter kill.

CIII: Big Magic in Middle-Earth.
Innocent Lover, won, but didn't find my counterpart Legate in time to fill the actual role.

- - - - - - -

In summation:
Villager: 5-4
Wolf: 3-1
Cobbler: 2-1
Seer: 0-0-1
Ranger: 0-1

Total: 10-7-1
Good: 5-5-1
Evil: 5-2

Basically, I'm only good at this game when I'm bad. When it comes to actually having to knuckle down and deduce a wolf, I'm pretty lost. But if you want a Cobbler, I'm your man.
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