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Thank you, SpM

May the answer be Roheryn - Aragorn's horse?
  • Brought from the outlaw - i.e. Roheryn was already Aragorn's horse at a time he was Strider, i.e. outlaw.
  • Bound to the friend of he who pours - m-m-m, hard one, that, Halbarad brought the horse, right? He probably was visiting Bree just like his chief, so 'he who pours' would be Barliman, pouring beer into their mugs or something.
  • Bringer of the messanger - Roheryn brought Halbarad, who was a messanger?
  • Bringer fo the Bringer etc... Roheryn brought Aragorn, who brought Merry's (small one) safety - when he healed him

Far-fetched, I surmise, but worth a try nevertheless
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