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Originally Posted by davem
Or maybe he just thinks that any experience of the story as story is valid, I don't know.

Maybe he thinks that, maybe he doesn't. Maybe he hasn't decided. It certainly sounds from that sentence like Bethberry has decided some experiences of the story as story are invalid
davem, this comment reflects the kind of argument which I think is misguided and even inflammatory. Anyone who has read my posts knows that I don't regard any reading--by which I mean experience of the story-- as invalid. It appears to me to represent a deliberate attempt to mischaracterise my position by taking the sentence completely out of context of all my previous ones. What I was attempting to do is understand how you would accept the kind of misreading which littlemanpoet pointed out. If my phrase mischaracterised your position, I am sorry, but it reflected an honest attempt to understand a point you had not, to the best of my recollection, addressed or discussed: is it possible for your form of enchantment to miss the authorial intention.

Originally Posted by davem
That seems to me to be simple logic - but then I never went to college.
This kind of statement I think equally does not belong in this discussion. No one here in this discussion has ever made any statement which insults readers who are young, who have not had post secondary education, or who simply take delight in story. Nor is this the first time a comment which appears derogatory about other people's reading experience has appeared in your posts. I think it is vering towards personal attack and I would ask that you stop making such comments.
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