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Tolkien Elves to Eldar?

When the Professor wrote The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, he had no idea what an incredible phenomenon they would become. Although concerned by their being seen as similar to the elves of Shakespeare and others (which were little more than pixies), he gave the Elder Children the name Elves.

Eldar was an alternative name (meaning as you know Star-People, the name that OromŽ gave them in their own language), but this was not used for fear that something completely new would distract and discourage readers. At the time when it was written this may have been true (although the Morlocks and Eloi of H.G. Wells were examples of creatures that did do well), but in today's world pretty much anything goes.

Should Elves (assuming this were possible) be corrected to Eldar throughout Tolkien's works? Or possibly in a Revised Silmarillion, with the name Elves in the other books being attributed to their hobbit authors?
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