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Thanks. I never thought about moving to the Projects, but well, here I am. And already I've posted outside their scope! Maybe this question would have been better off in the Books Forum, but I think that it should (should, mind!) get some more intelligent responses here.

Yeah, I thought that Eldar were only the elves who started the Great Journey, as opposed to the Avari, but the name translates as star people - oughtn't it be applied to all the Elves?

How the #%$@ do you pronounce the character? Is it like a throaty th, in the opposite to dh, or what?!

I am reading The War of the Jewels at the moment. It appears that JRRT was going to split what was published by CT as The Silmarillion, into The Annals of Valinor (by Rmil), and The Annals of Beleriand (by Pengolod). Fanor would appear primarily in AV, and I think that for consistency his name would have been left unchanged for his brief appearance at the start of AB. I don't think Pengolod would have wanted to confuse his readers.
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