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Originally Posted by Inderjit Sanghera
It alos seems odd to me that Maedhros, when translating Maitimo would use the S letter instead of the P, so soon after his fathers death. Anyone know why?
Aiwendil posted: 'Note that 's' already existed in Quenya, separate from the 'th' sound.'

Yes, and to add a bit, note too Maitimo's Quenya nickname Russandol, part of which hails from Common Eldarin russá (Sindarin ross). Feanor was against altering ŝ to s, and so objected to Serinde for ŝerinde, but he would have been OK with Russandol or Ambarussa, which gave -ros in Maedros and Amros in Sindarin.

The form that goes with the Shibboleth idea (a combination of Nelyafinwe's Mother-name and his epesse meaning 'Copper-top', referring to his coppery hair) is Maedros. Maedhros represents a different etymology -- or did, at least, as a form of this name at the time of Etymologies meant 'Pale-glitter' (although Maedhros appears in note 15 in any case).

The Shibboleth reads at one point: 'The s was certainly used in Beleriand by nearly all the Noldor*' (footnote 15). And this note 15 reads: 'It is not even certain that all Feanor's sons continued to use ŝ after his death and the healing of the feud by the renowned deed of Fingon son of Fingolfin in rescuing Maedhros [> Maedros] from the torments of Morgoth.'

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