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Even though you´re REALLY sick and can basically think, you drag yourself in front of your computer and say to yourself: "I am not dizzy. I will not through up. I will write an RPG post!"

-Going on when your parents are out on a Saturday night, and your sisters are elsewhere, and staying on til, ooh, about 4 in the morning? Then realising Church Choir practise is in 4 and a half hours....lucky Brinniel, going to Church at 10:00... [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

-When truly bored, playing name games with the downs and seeing whether eg. you can think of a member of the downs, or an RP character etc, for every letter of the alphabet.

-At lunchtimes, and in lessons (mainly latin I think), instead of working, drawing up a new avatar...

I promise you that is not me. The Daughter of Gollum and Shelob, hang your head in shame...nah, tis a very cool avatar.
I am what I was, a harmless little devil
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