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In the last few months I have probably gone through nine or ten different sigs, most of them old ones that I had decided could use some reviving but then quickly decided differently. In the end, I think I shall finally stick with this completely new sig:

'The Mathemagician nodded knowingly and stroked his chin several times. "You'll find," he remarked to Milo gently, "that the only thing you can do easily is be wrong, and that's hardly worth the effort."'
A quote from the wonderful 'children's' book, The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. The book was written and published in 1961. It really is quite a wonderful book! It has been likened to Alice in Wonderland for its use of puns and plays on words. Highly recommended.

...Come down now, they'll say. But everything looks perfect from far away - Come down now! But we'll stay.
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