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Firefoot: I know... I'm looking forwards to "ex-slaving" with you..Hahaha.

Well, as long as you have a bio and first post that works out, I believe so! Good to see you again, Oro.

Also, we'll have to discuss a minor character, and any times when you will be absent over the course of the game. We ask that everyone play a minor character, because we want every group well represented in the game. So, it is up to you if you play another ex-slave as your minor character, a slave-escapee, or an Orc.
You too, Durelin.

I'll start writing my main character description + post now. As for the minor character: I will write a BIO for a slave-escapee, if that is alright.

As for the times I'll be absent: May I come back to you later on that?

Thanks for letting me play,
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