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Re: A project ? - revising the Fall of Gondolin

The multitude of Balrogs isn't hard to manage, though. In most cases they can be replaced by a single Balrog at the point in the tale with no harm to the account.

The problems with the Balrogs in FoG are several. The Balrogs (which are not Maiar in this Tale) there are too many and too many are slain. This makes them much weaker than later conceived. Only two Balrogs are slain in the later accounts of the fall of Gondolin, Ecthelion slays Gothmog and Glorfindel slays an unnamed Balrog. Possibly replace the multitude of Balrogs with the 'Boldog' type spirits from Morgoth's Ring.

A major problem is the mention of Legolas, since we are elsewhere told Elves do not reuse names. He actually could be the Legolas of The Lord of the Rings. Not that I believe it. Galdor can be the Galdor of the Havens in The Lord of the Rings with no problems.

Actually we are not told that, and there are cases of the Elves reusing names (Rumil for example, or Finwe naming all of his sons Finwe). JRRT refers to having 'merely a reduplication of names' which seems to indicate it is not a big deal. Writing of Glorfindel he says 'the repetition of so striking a name is possible though not credible' . See PoME 'Last Writings' for JRRT's statements.

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