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Re: A project ~~~~Revising the Fall of Gondolin

Re; the sindar and noldor unless there is text that is somehow suitable for inclusion in the Tale it is I think an academic question - as opposed to a practical one.
where is the source for the comepeting Noldor only/Noldor - Sindar houses. Quendi and Eldar? - Shibboleth? I think it is briefly mentioned in the UT tuor notes.
If we keep Voronwe as given in UT Tuor it seems we are obliged to have Sindar in Gondolin - if not their ' houses'.

Re: legolast /laigolas etc. I am for anything other than duplicating legolas /legolas greenleaf.
The others are such close variants that perhaps the Quenya version should be used despite it standing out.

Textually [as opposed to specific words] our first question is here and how do we end UT Tuor and start FoG? any thoughts?

I will try and work on an outline of all the major sections of IV,77 and FoG w/ a few notes as to obvious work needing to be done.

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