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Re: A project ~~~~Revising the Fall of Gondolin

Regarding balrog numbers: I agree that the thousands of balrogs were gone for good, and that their obvious increase in power was accompanied by a decrease in number. I'm just saying that the exact figure of 7 is not necessarily a firmly entrenched idea. A few reasons: 1. This is the only mention of that number; 2. Even the note itself uses the word 'probably'; 3. It looks like he later CORRECTED this figure to '3' - and 3 obviously doesn't work; 4. There still must be some that were killed in the War of the Powers.

7 may not have been a firmly entrenched idea but to use another numer would be to make it up (or do you suggest going following CT's lead and giving no numbers?).

1), 2) and 4). One could presume the 7 to be those that the Elves knew of (ie in Beleriand) any others slain previously are what is meant by 'supposed' (where does JRRT use probably?). Then again maybe the Balrogs could have re-embodied. Or even why must any Balrogs be slain in the War of Powers?

3) What are you refering to as the 'later correction to 3'? The passage says '3 or at the most 7' and does not indicate a later correction to 3.

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