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Treachery of Men

Historical Background:

In the wake of the disastrous Dagor Bragollach, the Battle of Sudden Flame, Caranthir, Lord of Thargelion and son of Feanor, was driven from his realm and joined his people to those of his brothers, the hunters Amrod and Amras, maintaining a strong guard against Morgoth on Amon Ereb.

Meanwhile, the eldest of the Sons of Feanor, Maedhros, extended his friendship and welcome to the tribes of Easterlings coming over the Ered Lindon, bearing in mind the desperate need of the Noldor and Edain for more troops if the battle against Morgoth was to be won.

The Easterlings were led by two chieftains, Bor and Ulfang. Bor entered the army of Maedhros, and his people marched to the north; but Ulfang swore an oath to be Caranthirís liegeman, and his people were given lands on the borders of the green forests of South East Beleriand. There they remained for a while in peace and contentment, and more of them traveled across the Blue Mountains, hearing of a safe refuge that could be earned for a little axe-service.

Events in the world outside took their toll, inevitably, however, and Maedhros began to draw up plans for a great Union of all the Elven-princes and the Men who followed them, to finally break Morgothís strength. His messengers rode with haste, cunning and care to reach the lands of his brothers and summon their forces to his side.

Caranthir in turn sent a rider to the lands of the Ulfings, haughtily bidding them assemble their full power and march north.
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