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I am not sure what is happening next. Someone in the hunt could post... Someone could find Khandr's body, but I don't know who is going to do that - I believe Lalaith's and Nogrod's character are on their way to find Lachrandir, so they're not available. Unless Thorn finds him.
How about Briga finding him? Wasn't Khandr killed quite near his residence?
Yes, I would like for Briga to find poor Khandr. She would, of course, arrange to have his body brought back to the house. Additionally, since she fears for her own life and that of the other Borrim, Briga would surely hope to convey the news to Nogrod rather than to those engaged in the hunt. Is there some way she could come barging into your dinner party conveying this information? Of course, we wouldn't want to do this until your own affairs and conversation are sufficiently wrapped up.

Would this work?

If so, I will put up a post where she finds his body and has it brought back to the house but will wait to come barging in to the dinner party.
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