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lindil has just left Hobbiton.

Beautiful discussion nd idea for a thread.

Helen posted: "...when he finally takes Arwen's hand, probably thinking at long last she is MINE MINE MINE, none of us resent it in the least. (do we?)"

lindil: I think that the marriage was probably an incrdibly poignant moment for both, for by marrying his foster father's daughter he was in effect taking his treasure. I imagine that he was incredibly humble , especially w/ Elrond there!

I also imagine that he knew Gandalf was a maia of some sort and was probably awed to be the first man having a Maia at his wedding [not too mention crowning him and pronouncing a blessing of the valar over him].

As for the Eucatastrophe, it amazes me how in the Silm we alternate from Eucatstophe to catastrophe Tuor seeing Gondolin, his cousin living out a nightmare curse of Morgoth. Earendil reaching Valinor west overcoming Morgoth and Maedhros and Maglor steal the Silmarill.

The Light of the 2 trees and the descriptions of valinor and it's rulers and the destruction of the Tree's. The silm is full of so many High's and Low's it is amazing. The LotR has them too of course but they have very different feel to them.

Also Smith of Wooten major and Leaf by Niggle have always been favorites of mine because of their exploring of eucatstrophe, esp Smith.

I find that to be almost the essence of M-E.

thanks for the beautiful thread!

And Helen have you sent the Fairy wife to the Downs ??!?!?!?

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