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So the story clearly must be that the Dragon-helm went north with the Orcs. This note does actually seem to provide a potential way to deal with the text at that point, though.
So, if I understand correctly we are all in agreement that we can thinker with the Narn in order to use the later notes in the Appedix in our narrative.

The fate of the Dragon-helm after Turin's death is another issue. In the Narn it is said that when Gurthang broke, all Turin's possessions had passed away. But if the Dragon-helm is still around that clearly isn't true.

But the bigger problem by far is the second one - I still don't see any way to have the helm given to Hurin without significant invention.
When I was working with the Ruin of Doriath, it had escaped my notice that note about Húrin being given the Dragon-Helm, and naturally I wanted to incorporate it into the narrative.
Our note as noted in this thread is older than our Wanderings of Húrin narrative, in that the Dragon-Helm was to be given to Húrin by a friendlier ruler in Brethil. As the story comes out, it is not something that the actual ruler of Brethil would have done, but does that makes the assumption that Húrin was given the Dragon-Helm not valid?
Can you imagine the anguish that Húrin would feel when he actually was given the Dragon-Helm that belonged to his son, for him to actually take it would surely motivate him even further to his desire to have vengeance upon Thingol. (Not that he needed a motif, for he had that)
The question would be how would the Dragon-Helm come to be in Brethil? My answer would be I really don't know. You could ask also, How did the great Axe of Tuor, father of Eärendil; and the Bow of Bregor of the House of Bëor came to Númenor?
We don't really know for sure, yet they were there nonetheless.
To me, the problem with the Dragon-Helm in Brethil is not a matter of how it came to be there, but rather if the note that mentions that Húrin recieves it in Brethil is invalidated by the fact that it was given to him by the ruler of that land.
If we merit that the note is valid, then I don't see a problem with the Helm being in Brethil and being given to Húrin. I can imagine Húrin returning to his son and to the body of Eðelwen and have with him the Dragon Helm. I'm not suggesting that we make Húrin bring the Helm to them but I just have that image in my mind.
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