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Silmaril Minas Tirith: Mellonin

Ravion's words echoed dauntingly in her mind. He is headed north. No one knew where he was bound. I have told you all I know.

Edoras... it was so far, so far. She'd never been there; she'd heard about it in song... And what was north of it? Her head spun. Fields... mountains... forests. Wild places inhabited by wilder things. Even as she fought the rising panic, she heard him speak again.

I will help you in any way I can.

She blinked, and looked at him as if she had only seen him for the first time.

A Ranger.

Everything she had ever heard about rangers surged into her mind. They can track where none else could follow. They can hear the rumblings of the earth. They can smell news on the wind. Even silence speaks to them. They will find what they pursue. The panic subsided, and was replaced by a firm, steady, rising hope. Her eyes kindled, and despite her trembling she began to smile.

She looked at the Innkeeper. Morien's face wore a mixture of relief and satisfaction. She looked at Raefindan, and he nodded, fire in his eyes. Raefindan was with her; and now this Ranger. Suddenly she was not alone; far from it. And therefore neither was her brother. This ranger would find him if he could be found.

She studied him again, and every detail she noticed from his weatherstained clothes to his reserved manner and dour attitude served to further bolster her confidence.

Morien nodded, satisfied. "I will send word to the Lady Estelyn. No doubt she would want me to help you prepare for your journey." He turned, and left.

Mellonin placed her hands palm to palm, forefingers on her lips, and turned to Ravion. Her eyes shone as they met his, and she dropped into a deep curtsey. "Oh, thank you. You have given me hope. I know you will find him; together we will find him. Thank you. Oh, how can I ever repay you? I cannot. I will be in your debt, always. Thank you! You will be our guide and our leader. What shall we need? What should we pack? When shall we start? "

She trembled with eagerness and her eyes shone with fervor. She barely restrained herself from taking the ranger's hand, but she laughed for joy instead, and then turned to Raefindan and snatched his free hand, laughing still. Then she composed herself, palms together in front of her lips again; took a deep breath, and said, "What shall we do, sir. I am sorry; my goodness, I don't even-- I have yet to ask you your name!"

Raefindan spoke. "Ravion, this is Mellonin; Mellonin, this is Ravion."

Once again, Mellonin turned to the Ranger. "Ravion. Thank you. Oh, someday you will understand how grateful I am!" She could restrain herself no longer; she stepped forward, and siezed his right hand in both of hers. "May the best of fortune shine on every path you take!"

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