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Aeron hunched forward and watched the old woman -- what was her name? -- bustle about the room through narrow eyes as she explained about bandages and herbs. Lothwen…that was the name. Her hair was so silver…so bright…her eyes glowed with kindness. He sighed and cast an expert eye about the place: nothing but greenery and not a coin in sight. He bit his lips. Not that he’d be able to steal anyway, he thought, glaring at Ravion.

“She’s a character,” Ravion murmured as they left the shop.

“Quite,” Aeron agreed, casting a lingering eye upon a passing jewelry shop. Ravion’s hand grasped him by the collar and forced him to stare straight ahead, the line of shops a blur upon his line of sight.

“I wasn’t going to steal anything,” he retorted, brushing Ravion’s hand away.

The ranger’s strong hands gripped Aeron’s wrist, twisting it towards him. Aeron whimpered slightly with the pain that tore up his arm. “Yes, but you were thinking it, weren’t you?”

“There’s nothing wrong with thinking,” Aeron muttered. His eyes burned with annoyance as he scowled at Ravion. “You may be a ranger, you may control me and my actions, but you can’t control my thoughts.”

With a sigh, Ravion let Aeron’s wrist drop. “No, I do not claim to control man’s thoughts,” he said. “But what is to stop a man from thinking, and eventually doing the deed?”

Aeron remained silent, not sure what to say. Did this have something to do with “thieves honour”? But how could it, when thieves were not in question? He shook his head, lamenting again his cursed luck that had forced him to fall in with this ranger.

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