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Originally Posted by Hilde Bracegirdle
Greetings, Mithalwen! I take it the reference to a gauntlet has to do with the Chapter-by-Chapter Thread.
Indeed it does. I got us all in trouble with Esty with my silliness, for which I feel truly sorry. But as this thread is devoted to silliness (or senility). . .

Aragorn is way better than Faramir! Sure Faramir might not pick up the Ring if he saw it by the roadside, but I always thought that would be darned irresponsible of him:

"Hey! Look! The One Ring! Best leave that there. I hope somebody comes along and takes care of that thing before Sauron finds it. Gosh, it's getting late. I'd better get home before dad gets all angry with me for not defending the kingdom. I sure wish I were like Boromir -- he'd pick up that Ring, but that's OK cause he's my hero. . ."

What a dweeb.

(Hey -- Mithalwen called Aragorn a prig. My back is up. As is my ire.)
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