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The Saucepan Man has been trapped in the Barrow!
Werewolf 3: Tol-in-Gaurhoth III (The Saga Continues...)


Mod: Eomer of the Rohirrim
Werewolves: Holbytlass, Oddwen, Shelob
Cursed Villager: Son of Númenor
Seer: Evisse the Blue
Guardian: Firefoot
Werewolf Hunter: Azaelia of Willowbottom
Villagers: Fordim Hedgethistle, Kuruharan, mormegil, the guy who be short, The Only Real Estel, the phantom, The Saucepan Man

Order of Death:
Eomer of the Rohirrim (Mod) - mangled by werewolves on Night 1
Evisse the Blue (Seer) - lynched by villagers on Day 1
The guy who be short (Villager) - decapitated by werewolves on Night 2
Son of Númenor (Cursed Villager) - lynched by villagers on Day 2
the phantom (Villager) - lynched by villagers on Day 3
Firefoot (Guardian) - drowned in blood by werewolves on Night 4
The Saucepan Man (Villager) - lynched by villagers on Day 4
Mormegil (Villager) - sacrificed on the kirk by werewolves on Night 5
Shelob (Werewolf) - lynched by villagers on Day 5
Holbytlass (Werewolf) - slain by the Hunter on Night 6
Azaelia of Willowbottom (Hunter) - ripped apart by a werewolf on Night 6
The Only Real Estel (Villager) - lynched by villagers on Day 6
Fordim Hedgethistle (Villager) - lynched by villagers on Day 6
Kuruharan (Villager) - mauled by a victorious Oddwen on Day 6

Result: Werewolf victory (Oddwen surviving)
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