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The Saucepan Man has been trapped in the Barrow!
Werewolf 13: Tol-in-Gaurhoth XIII: Enter Shamville


Mod: dancing spawn of ungallant
Sub-Mod: Gurthang
Werewolves: Kitanna, tar-ancalime, WaynetheGoblin
Cursed Villager: Eonwe
Seer: wilwarin538
Ranger: Celuien
Werewolf Hunter: Lalaith
Villagers: Anguirel, Bergil, Firefoot, Glirdan, Kath, Kuruharan, littlemanpoet, Meneltarmacil

Order of Death:
dancing spawn of ungallant (Mod) - Mangled, tangled and strangled in fishing nets on Night 1
Bergil (Villager) - Hanged to death with profitable consequences on Day 1
Kuruharan (Villager) - Half devoured and prepared to be turned into haggis on Night 2
Meneltarmacil (Villager) - Sat on, roasted, minced and boiled by three passing by trolls on Day 2
Kath (Villager) - Chopped up and organized alphabetically on Night 3
WaynetheGoblin (Werewolf) - Burned to death on Day 3
Celuien (Ranger) - Mauled with musical instruments on Night 4
Kitanna (Werewolf) - Stoned, battered and decapitated on Day 4
Wilwarin538 (Seer) - Eyes plucked out and made into a scarecrow on Night 5
Glirdan (Villager) - Taunted to death on Day 5
Firefoot (Villager) - Mutilated and deformed on Night 6
littlemanpoet (Villager) - Maimed with wondrous gadgets on Day 6
Eonwe (Cursed Villager) - Transformed on Night 7
Anguirel (Villager) - Mauled by victorious Werewolves on Day 7
Lalaith (Hunter) - Mauled by victorious Werewolves on Day 7

Result: Werewolf victory (tar-ancalime and Eonwe surviving)
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