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Werewolf 15: Tol-in-Gaurhoth XV-The Villagers Strike Back!


In which the roles were reversed and a Werewolf lair was infiltrated by three intrepid Heroes and their trusty hound, Huan.

Mod: Anguirel
Heroes: dancing spawn of ungoliant, Eomer of the Rohirrim and Rune Son of Bjarne
Huan (Cobbler): The Saucepan Man
Sauron (Seer): Formendacil
Draugluin (Ranger): Mithalwen
Carcharoth (Hunter): Farael
Werewolves: Boromir88, Glirdan, Gurthang, Kath, Kitanna, Lhunardawen, Meneltarmacil, mormegil, Nonnacedak, Oddwen, WaynetheGoblin

Order of Death:
Anguirel (Werewolf) - Throat cut as he slept on Day 1
Glirdan (Werewolf) - Devoured on Night 1
The Saucepan Man (Huan) - Murdered by mischance on Day 2
Rune Son Of Bjarne (Dwarven Hero) - Drowned in the Sirion through Kitanna's treachery on Night 2
Kitanna (Werewolf) - Beheaded in Rune's last act of vengeance on Night 2
Nonnacedak (Werewolf) - Mauled mercilessly on Night 3
Meneltarmacil (Werewolf) - Hacked to pieces and impaled by Heroes on Day 4
WaynetheGoblin (Werewolf) - Tortured to lingering death on Night 4
Mithalwen (Draugluin) - Slain by Eomer's sword-stroke on Night 4
Eomer of the Rohirrim (Rohirrim Hero) - Rent in the death-throes of Draugluin on Night 4
Dancing Spawn of Ungoliant (Elven Hero) - Tortured and infected with lycanthropy by Carcharoth on Night 4

Result: Werewolf (Village) victory (Boromir88, Farael, Formendacil, Gurthang, Kath, Lhunardawen, mormegil and Oddwen surviving)
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