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Well, my stats don't look too bad.... I survived 'till the end (and won) on my first game (out of luck I must say). Then I survived until the last night when I was kiled by Malkatoj on my second try.

Then, and I write this on a new paragraph as I find it mightly amusing, I wrote Aiwendil's death as I co-modded with Menel. Then I went on to play again and lobbied for Aiwendil's death until my wish was granted. I survived until the end, but I was lynched thanks to a very smart Saucepan wolf.

Which brings another point. Both times I lived until the end I had very little suspicions for the one who turned out to be the wolf. Maybe the wolves keep me around because either I'm not too smart (as SPM implied, more than once) or because no-one listens to me anyway.
I prepared Explosive Runes this morning.
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