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Werewolf Junior 3: WWJ III - Nan QualinmerŽ: Death Wish Valley


Note: I'm going to be putting in the backup mods after the actual mod.

Mod: Glirdan, Gil-Galad
Werewolves: Anguriel, Thinlomien, Valier
Ranger:Eomer of the Rohirrim
Hunter:Feanor of the Peredhil
Villagers: Mithalwen, Valesse, Eonwe, Garin, AbercrombieOfRohan, WaynetheGoblin, Roa-Aofie, Gandalf_the_white

Order of Deaths
Glirdan(Mod) - Night 1 - Beheaded and then reheaded with a sax
Gil-Galad(Mod) - Night 1 - Bled to death.
Eonwe(Ordo) - Day 1 - gallows collapse on top of her
Thin(Wolf) - Day 1 - strangled to death, by Valesse with a hidden chord
Eomer(Ranger) - Night 2 - stabbed through his stomach with own sword
Shelob(Ordor) - Day 2 - killed herself with her scciors in sacrifice
tar-ancalime(Seer) - Night 3 - stabbed by spear through the heart
Feanor of the Peredhil(Hunter) - Night 3 -Mauled on both sides
Garin(Ordo) - Day 3 - Buzz sawed neatly in two
Crombie(Ordo) - Night 4 - Torn to bits and body pieces dispersed through house
Wayne(Ordo) - Day 4 - Head bitten off by Valier
Valier(Wolf) - Day 4 - Burned to death by one of Gandalf's spells
Roa(Ordo) - Night 5 - Flesh eaten right off and only bones remain
Kath(Ordo) - Day 5 - Died gasping for air as a tortoise bit her neck
Gandalf(Ordo) - Night 6 - Body torn to bits and placed in a crudely shaped message
Ang(Wolf) - Day 6 - brought under ground by the dead villagers

Result: Village Win (Mithalwen and Valesse surviving)
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