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"If this journey gets dangerous, dangerous as in . . . the possibilty of forever losing you arises don't stop me from protecting you. Promise me that," Arianna had asked him as the sun slowly rose behind her casting a beautiful shine to her dark hair. He looked her in the eyes and saw how serious her statement was.

"Arianna, I could never ask you to give your life for mine. I can't promise you to let you to protect me. Your the only one I love. If you were to die, I'd die of sorrow." He looked away from her penetrating stare, not wanting to show the pain he felt at the thought of loosing her.

There was a long pause and he finally looked back at her. She was still staring straight at him with those deep, grey eyes with that penetrating stare. "Arianna, I'm sorry, but I could never ask you to do that for me. If anything, it will be me to give my life for the one I love. I'm sorry, but I cannot ask that of you."
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