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Éomeléo mumbled in his sleep as his companions roused around him. He was dreaming of vampires and dread creatures.

He awoke to a a pleasant morn. Dew and a slight mist were around him, and he could tell that a brilliant sunshine would soon enter the arena of Middle-earth. What a life! he thought. It made all the camping out in the rain over the past few years worthwhile.

As soon as he became properly conscious, he was aware of Dárin hurriedly telling of strangers in the vicinity. Éomeléo gazed about him sleepily. There was no immediate threat so he refused to expend energy in getting up off the ground. Instead, he listened intently to what Dárin and the Elves had to say, while looking at Valesseka.

He knew there would likely be trouble on this journey. He sometimes worried that not all the companions would make it back alive, but right now he was quite untroubled. He was more curious to meet the men than he was afraid of them. Maybe they would join forces with them and offer protection on the road?

Hopefully they had not heard of the Treasure. That could make things difficult.
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